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Richard "Dick" Duerksen

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Richard Duerksen is a respected pastor, administrator, speaker, and author who is known around the world as an “Itinerant Pollinator of Grace.” Dick retired from his [ost as "storyteller" for the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists in July of 2022. He continue3s to write a monthly column for Adventist World Magazine.

Richard is also a professional photographer whose photographs of peaceful faces and places hang in hospital hallways, patient rooms, emergency rooms, medical offices, banks, and personal collections. Each of his photos tells a story and draws the viewer into the image to learn that story and its meaning in their own life.


"The world is filled with peace - when we look for it," Dick says. "and I have been amazed at how peaceful photos​​ can help heal broken hearts or reduce the tension in a hospital emergency room."


Richard’s wife, Brenda, is a graduate of the Loma Linda University School of Nursing. Richard and Brenda recently dedicated nearly ten years to international travel with Maranatha Volunteers International where Richard served as host of the television program, Maranatha Mission Stories, and Brenda coordinated volunteer Medical Mission outreach.


Richard’s and Brenda’s three adult children, and three grandchildren, live in Colorado, California, and New Zealand.

“Duerksen’s masterful storytelling paints pictures that literally place you as a witness to the event. The power of his storytelling moves you toward God’s kingdom.”

—Jose Vicente Rojas, President, MOVEmentum

“An unforgettable storyteller has brought his incredible gift to life on the pages of this must-read contribution to the world of inspiration. Duerksen has unleashed the power of storytelling to heal and win hearts as well as change minds for transformative results."

—Hyveth Williams, DMin Professor/Director of Homiletics Andrews University

“His stories help me LOVE being LOVED by God.”

—Todd Chobotar, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, AdventHealth Publishing

“Jesus, our amazing Creator, has always told stories because He knows their power to transform our lives. His close friend, Richard Duerksen, is one of His very best storytellers. He has used him to touch our family and so many thousands of others all around the world! Please read this great book—it will deeply impact you and has practical helps to make you a better life-changer too!“

—Jerry Page, Ministerial Secretary, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“From his first sentences in the camp meeting youth tent, I was hooked on Pastor Duerksen’s weaving of biblical narratives with human sto- ries. One night he told how God turned ‘jaws of dread and doom’ into a passive purring pillow for Daniel to lay his head on in the lion’s den. My home life was tumultuous at the time, but through this message the Lord gave me strength and confidence to study to become a pastor. 

—Dan Linrud, President, Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists


"Stories change lives. Richard’s stories have certainly impacted mine.”“I believe in stories. Stories influence all people regardless of age or status. Stories change lives. People may argue with the theory but it is harder to argue with a story or a personal testimony. Stories don’t appeal only to the mind but also to the heart. Jesus used them, and we must do the same. Richard’s book can be a great blessing for you and for those that you work with as you learn how to practically use stories in your ministry.”

—Pavel Goia, Editor, Ministry Magazine Associate Ministerial Secretary,
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

"Dick Duerksen has a remarkable passion for telling stories, particularly stories that point people to Jesus. 


I first met Dick as a young adult and will never forget hearing him tell the story of Jesus—told from the first-person perspective of those around Jesus.  His messages truly changed my life—and cemented my conviction that I would spend my life serving Jesus.


Dick does not merely tell a story—he fully inhabits it.  And, in the process, we are invited to join him on a journey that is both extraordinary and transformative.  I have no doubt but that you will be deeply encouraged as you take this journey!"

—Randal Wisbey, President, La Sierra University, Retired

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