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Storycatcher  is a book of my favorite "God Stories" - tales filled with angels, miracles, frustrated fishermen, fur trappers, trusting missionaries, and crazy preachers. Some of the stories will make you jump for joy, others will make you cry. All will make you lean back and think about your relationship with God.

These are powerful stories that will impact your Spiritual Journey.

Storycatcher  has also been designed to serve as a guide and challenge for pastors and other leaders who are studying to become better storytellers.

"We can tell more about God through the words of a story than through any amount of theology."

          Madeleine L'Engle


STORYCATCHER featured in September 2019 

Ministry Magazine

The magazine's cover article, "Let me tell you a story," is also the "Learning to use stories in your ministry" chapter in the book.

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